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Enjoy these free printables, and share them with your bridal party to help the shower planning process go smoothly!


What‘s included: This printable worksheet is the perfect place to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Keep registry details, venue information, game and food ideas, and more all in one place!



What‘s included: Keep track of guest responses with this printable guest list. Print as many pages you need, and keep it close at hand in the days leading up to your RSVP date!



What‘s included: These cute printable lists are the perfect size for your purse. Print as many sheets as needed and keep track of things you need to to do, buy, or make! Check them off as you go along.



What‘s included: This helpful countdown checklist is filled with helpful reminders will help bridesmaids keep track of the things to be done in the weeks and days leading up to the shower.



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Planning a great wedding takes organization. Remember the details as you plan your big day with these free printables!


What‘s included: This countdown checklist is filled with helpful reminders on all the things to be done in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding.



What‘s included: Keep track of guest responses with this printable guest list. Print as many pages you need, and keep it close at hand in the days leading up to your RSVP date!



What‘s included: These cute printable lists are the perfect size for your purse. Print as many sheets as needed and keep track of things you need to to do, buy, or make! Check them off as you go along.



What‘s included: Jot down your memories from your big day while they’re fresh in your mind. Print this fun fill-in sheet, and bring it on your honeymoon for something to fill in between mimosas!



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Having a hard time choosing the right dress for your bridesmaids? Here are a few tips on how to choose a dress that both you and your bridesmaids will love:

1. Mix and Match!

Gone are the days when your bridesmaids must be dressed identically. Letting bridesmaids choose their own dress allows them to select a gown that suits their body type and budget. If you have a number of different body types represented in your bridal party, allow your girls to select their own dress. To maintain some uniformity, decide on a dress length for everyone to shop for.

Source: Style Me Pretty

2. Keep it in the family!

Provide your girls with a swatch to use when they shop if there’s a particular hue you’re going for. For a more eclectic look, invite your girls to choose darker or lighter tones in the same color family. Different neutrals in grey or blush will compliment all skin types.

Source: Style Me Pretty

3. Go for a convertible dress.

Convertible / infinity dresses provide you with a variety of looks within the same color family. Your maids will be able to add their own spin and flair to the dress, while you have the option to pick the fabric and color. Better yet, it’s more likely to be a dress they’ll enjoy wearing again and again.

Source: Style Me Pretty

4. Go with something non-traditional.

A dress doesn’t have to be labeled “bridesmaid” for your maids to wear them. Be creative, and think outside the box!

Source: Onelove Photography

5. Choose something comfortable.

In which season will your wedding be? Will your bridesmaids be outdoors? Choose a fabric that can flow and breathe in the summer. A dress they can dance in with ease is a must. If you’ll be having a fall or winter weather, don’t choose a dress that they will freeze in… particularly if you’ll be taking photos outside!

Source: Inspiring Pretty, Donna Morgan

6. Keep price in mind!

Don’t let it break the bank. Bridesmaids are on a budget! Do your research, and you might be able to find the same dress (or one that’s virtually identical) for a better price. Here are some dresses we love from Target that are all under $100.

Source: Target

7. Don’t Write Off the Skirt!

A cute flared skirt and top can flatter many body types, and are fun to mix and match! Choose a bold accessory or top color that will unify your maids, and match their skirts to colors in their bouquet for a cohesive look.

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

8. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

We’re in love with these charming dresses by Naughty Shorts, with vintage fabrics and thick ribbon sashes in assorted colors to further differentiate each dress. Play with patterns and textures for a more bohemian / eclectic look, and don’t be afraid to have fun! There are no rules when it comes to your day. Choose dresses that you love, and hopefully your girls will look and feel great in them as well!

Source: Blogspot


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Your bridal shower is an opportunity for close friends and family to share in your excitement and shower you with love in the days leading up to your big day! Here are some of our top tips on shower etiquette:

DON’T host the shower yourself. Allow your bridesmaids, or a close family member or friend, to do the honors.

DO send a paper invitation to all those invited. E-mail invitations are too informal for such a special occasion.

DON’T print registry information directly on the invitation. The couple’s registry information can be included as an insert, or guests can be directed to the couple’s wedding website (if available).

DO provide the shower planners with a list of guests. This will be helpful to them, and will ensure that your Aunt Mildred is not accidentally excluded from the fun.

DON’T invite people who you will not be inviting to the wedding. There are exceptions, of course. Should a co-worker take it upon themselves to plan a small shower or celebration in the office, this does not obligate you to invite every person in the company to your wedding. If you are planning a small destination wedding, this is also a scenario where your shower may include guests who will not be attending your wedding.

DO greet all guests personally. You may want to stand near the door early on as guests arrive to ensure that nobody is missed, or visit each table sometime during the shower.

DON’T micromanage the shower planning. Share your vision for the day with the bridesmaids if you’re envisioning a more casual affair, but give them the space and freedom to add their personal touches.

DO plan a fun mixer activity early on in the shower to encourage guests to mingle and have fun!

DON’T forget the prizes! Your bridesmaids will likely take care of these, but you may offer to contribute some small gifts for door prizes or games.

DON’T expect guests to pay for their own food if the venue is a restaurant. If a luncheon is too costly, consider a tea shop, or have a close friend or family member host a backyard luncheon, a brunch, or simply dessert (because let’s be honest… who doesn’t love a good cupcake and a cup of tea or coffee?). A shower hosted at home offers a more affordable alternative to a restaurant, and will offer a more relaxed setting for your guests to enjoy.

DO consider the clock when planning games and activities. Planning 2-3 shower games is usually a good rule of thumb, but guests can grow weary of games if they are overdone. For a quick and easy game that’s guaranteed to please, try giving out door prizes with scratch cards, or have guests write their wishes for the couple as a meaningful keepsake that will be enjoyed for years to come.

DON’T expect your bridal party (or guests who are invited to multiple showers to bring a gift for each and every shower they attend.

DO express your thanks to your shower planners. You may be asked to share some words after the gifts have been opened. This is a great opportunity to thank your guests for their love and support, and most importantly to acknowledge those who planned the day and participated in some way.

DON’T forget to have a plan for transporting gifts after the shower.

DO send written thank-you notes to all those who gave a gift (or sent one in their absence) in a timely manner – usually within 2-3 weeks after the shower. We’ve shared some tips here to make writing thank-you notes a breeze!

DO relax, and have fun! Your guests are there because they love and support you! This is your opportunity to relax and enjoy the day, and leave the planning and running around to others.


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Concerned that your bridesmaids aren’t quite hitting it off? The tone of your bridal party can make or break your wedding day. Here are some suggestions on how to tighten those bonds to help your wedding day be enjoyable for all:

1. Connect or reconnect them through social media

Create a Pinterest board and invite your bridemaids to join in by pinning ideas on dresses, the bridal shower, and of course the bachelorette bash! Create a closed Facebook group where your bridal party can keep in touch and keep track of upcoming dates. Have them re-introduce themselves and list some funny facts or hobbies. This will also provide you with with a common space where your bridal party can share photos from the shower or bridal brunch, fun articles, and more.

2. Plan an inexpensive hangout before the wedding

Provide a time for them all to get to know each other better. Order in your favorite food, and invite your bridal party over for a sleepover! Taste test your wedding wine or signature cocktail together, and rent your favorite classic wedding movies to watch and share some laughs. Father of the Bride, Bridesmaids, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, 27 Dresses, and Runaway Bride are some of our favorites!

3. Work on a project together.

Set them to work on a project for your wedding. Do you have a DIY craft you need done? Need help addressing thank you notes or invitations? Are there centerpieces to make? Giving your bridesmaids a common project to work on will help to unify your bridal party while checking a few things off your wedding “To Do” list.

4. MOH to the rescue.

Your Maid of Honor has a very important role in both helping you on your big day and organizing your bridesmaids. If tensions are high, she may need to do some damage control for you. Be open and honest if you feel there is something that needs to be addressed. There might be some bridesmaid drama you need to ask her to deal with.

5. Address the issue.

Realize this is your big day, and your bridesmaids should be able to stick it out for you (at least for the day). If they are having an issue with each other, encourage them to work it out (for you!). This is your big day, and they should try to do everything to make it comfortable and stress-free for you. If one bridesmaid in particular is causing unnecessary drama, you may need to ask her to step down in order to benefit the whole group. Understand there are many other roles she can fill on your big day. Even if she isn’t your bridesmaid, you can still give her a special role to play. On your wedding day, ultimately you want to be surrounded by friends and family who are working together to support you so you can relax and have a great time.

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While every bridal party is different, it helps to have a frame of reference when it comes to traditional roles and responsibilities. We’ve summarized them below, but feel free to improvise and discuss with your friends to determine what’s right for you:

  • Joins the bride to shop for the bridal gown.
  • Coordinates meetings for bridesmaid dress fittings.
  • Leads the charge in planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party (with the help of the bridesmaids).
  • Arranges the bride’s veil and train at the altar.
  • Holds the groom’s ring until it’s time for the exchange of rings.
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet while she says her vows.
  • Serves as witness to sign the wedding certificate.
  • Gives a toast or speech at the wedding reception.
  • Is available to assist the bride when she changes clothes or uses the restroom (yes, hold up that dress while she pees!)
  • Help organize the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
  • Will usually pay for their own bridesmaid dress.
  • Assist the bride with pre-wedding crafts, shopping trips and tasks such as making decorations, assembling favors, and inscribing invitations.
  • Traditionally dresses in a more modest / age-appropriate version of what the bridesmaids are wearing.
  • Joins the bridesmaids on the day of the wedding, and walks down the aisle with the bridesmaids during the processional.
  • Parents typically are expected to provide for her wedding expenses.
  • Walks down the aisle just before the Maid of Honor or bride.
  • Holds a small bouquet, a single bloom, or a basket containing flowers to scatter on the aisle.
  • Parents typically are expected to provide for her dress / wedding expenses.
  • Organizes the bachelor party (with the help of the groomsmen).
  • Coordinates groomsman’s fittings.
  • Drives the groom to the ceremony.
  • Holds the bride’s ring until it’s time for the exchange of rings.
  • Serves as witness to sign the wedding certificate.
  • Gives a toast or speech at the wedding reception.
  • Attends engagement party (if applicable).
  • Helps organize the bachelor party.
  • Rents (or buys) his own tuxedo or formalwear.
  • Assists with pre-wedding tasks the morning of the wedding
  • Early arrival at the ceremony site to help with any last-minute setup or errands that may arise.
  • Helps after the wedding with transporting the gifts to the couple’s home, or another storage place that the bride and groom designate.
  • Decorating the going away car
  • Walks down the aisle, traditionally before the flower girl.
  • Carries the rings (usually fakes) either sewn on a pillow, or in a box.
  • Parents typically are expected to provide for his attire / wedding expenses.
  • Attends wedding dress fittings and shopping with the bride (mother).
  • Traditionally, the parents of the bride cover wedding expenses.
  • Help bride and groom with guestlist and other details.
  • Traditionally, the father walks the bride down the aisle.
  • Traditionally, the parents of the groom cover rehearsal dinner.
  • Help bride and groom with guest list.


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Thank-you notes can seem daunting, but they don’t need to be. Express your gratitude to guests with a heartfelt and easy handwritten note with these simple tips:


At your shower, be sure to designate someone to keep a list of gifts given. This may be in a simple notebook that you will keep to check off, or download this free printable gift list.


You’ll want to have them in the mail within two weeks, so break out your favorite pen and some pretty stationery, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and get them done!  Remember, done is better than perfect, and a note written from the heart will mean so much to your shower guests. With our thank-you note cheat sheet to get you started, you’ll be done in a snap!


Did a guest give you a cash gift? Thank them for their generosity, rather than for a named dollar amount. Convey to them how it will be helpful when you shop for furniture, or whatever other large item you will use it towards.


Planning a shower is a lot of work. Show your appreciation to those who hosted it with a special note to them after the event.Consider giving them a small gift at the event, and if given the opportunity verbally acknowledge their efforts at the shower.


Dear (Name),
Thank-you so much for the (gift).
A sentence conveying how much you love their gift, and how you plan to use it. A closing note conveying that you are looking forward to seeing them at the wedding.
Love (or another closing of your choice),
Your Name


. . .
Dear Aunt Mary,
Thank-you so much for the beautiful cake stand!
We are looking forward to enjoying it for birthdays and celebrations to come! Jack and I can’t wait to see you at the wedding!
Love, Charlotte

. . .
Dear Tess,
Where do I begin? I can’t thank you enough for not only the Kitchenaid Mixer, but for the most incredible shower a girl could ask for! Thank-you for all of your hard work in planning it.
Your support has meant the world to me, and I’m so very grateful for your friendship. I can’t wait to have you by my side when Jack and I say “I Do” next month!
With heartfelt thanks, Charlotte


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You’re engaged! Now it’s YOUR turn to “pop the question!” Show your girls how much they mean to you by asking them in an unforgettable way! We’ve created a gallery with some of our favorite will you be my bridesmaid ideas.

Be My Bridesmaid Box

1. Say it with chocolate (and paper).

Source: BOXFOX

Pink Balloon Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

2. Surprise her with a scratch off card.

Source: Inklings Paperie

Bridal Party Tote Bag

3. Give her a sweet tote bag.

Source: Dream State

Pink Clutch Purse

4. Give her a monogrammed clutch.

Source: VincentV

Cutout Paper Doll Card

5. Make a paper doll chain.

Source: Anna Bond with Rifle Paper Co.

Pom Pom Bridesmaid Necklace in Box

6. Give her a pom pom necklace.

Source: Pamela Loops (Etsy)

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Balloon

7. Hide your question in a balloon.

Source: Studio Pep

Funny Bridesmaid Invitation

8. Make her laugh.

Source: Finch and Hare

Be My Bridesmaid Necklace

9. Give her some bling!

Source: Vintage Stamp Jewels (Etsy)

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

10. DIY “Be My Bridesmaid” Box

Source: Best Day Ever

Black, white, and gold will you be my bridesmaid ideas

11. Tell her “I Can’t Say I Do… Without You!”

Source: Inklings Paperie

Wine label and wrapper

12. Custom label some bubbly.

Source: Pink Champagne Paper

13. Mail her some bubbly on a card.

Source: Inklings Paperie

Be My Bridesmaid balloon

14. Pop the question!

Source: BHLDN

Be my groomsman card

15. Don’t forget the groomsmen!

Source: Inklings Paperie

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